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Are you thinking of refurbishing or rebuilding your home? CJ Real Estates & Services is not limited solely to the calm transactions of real estate, but we are also passionate about refurbishments and new constructions! We can help and advise you in finding the appropriate workers for your construction and refurbishment projects. Together with our partners, who have vast experience in the sector, we have carried out numerous refurbishments and remodelling projects. In the following sections, you can find a more detailed list of the advantages of renovating your property through CJ Real Estates & Services, and also how to choose the best type of refurbishment to suit your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to obtain a cost estimate!

Examples of refurbishments

As we have a large number of partners, we are capable of offering a wide range of refurbishment and construction works. We use very carefully selected building companies as only the best is good enough for us! If you want to refurbish your property before a sale, or simply for your own use, we can help you find an appropriate building company! The service also includes advice, planning and follow-up, which tends to be much appreciated by the majority of our clients! It is of the utmost importance that our clients feel totally involved in the entire process as that involvement ensures their complete satisfaction! Examples of refurbishments that we offer are: bathroom renovations, kitchens, ceiling, painting (interior and exterior), underfloor heating, plumbing, ventilation, dehumidifying and much more. Yes, as you can see, the sky is the limit!

Refurbishments prior to selling

It is an intelligent decision to carry out refurbishments to your property prior to selling or renting it, as it not only raises its market value but helps your property to stand out within a competitive market. We can help you to design a plan that fulfils your necessities and makes your property sale more profitable and easy. We will ensure that you find the appropriate company to carry out the works you require and we will help with your questions and communications throughout the whole process. Please contact us for further information about refurbishing your property prior to selling it.

Home improvements for your wellbeing

Feeling comfortable in your home is crucial to one’s wellbeing. For those who wish to put a personal touch to their property we offer home improvements that put the “icing on the cake” to your home. Regardless of whether we are talking about installing floor tiles, finishings and furniture assembly or underfloor heating installations, we are there to help you enjoy your home. In these situations, where punctuality is of the utmost importance, a lot of people experience the Spanish mentality of “mañana”. We only work with companies who pay special attention to organisation and punctuality. In other words, you will not have to worry about lack of punctuality or delays.