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Other services

CJ Real Estate & Services works principally with real estate, but we also offer an ample variety of other services. We want to dedicate body and soul to our clients offering them all that they need! We go that extra step to sweeten your daily life. You would have already read the sections relative to the key holding service, gardening, pools, cleaning and refurbishments, but our variety of services do not end there. Daily life in Spain means much more and we are ready to help you with any challenges it presents, however great or small! In this section you can read about our other services, our mission and how we work to create 100% satisfaction for our clients.

Always thinking of our clients

Our moto is that your wish is our command, meaning, we place a great emphasis in our client’s satisfaction. Knowing that 100% of a client’s satisfaction is the key to success, we do not hesitate in working hard in order to offer them a higher quality service. In other words, whether it be with translations, child care or payment of a traffic fine, we are there to help! For those who have just moved to another country, settling in and things which in Great Britain would be so natural to do can seem to be difficult or complicated. Even though the majority of times you can make yourself understood in English in a great part of Spain, sometimes it can be a bit difficult to communicate. Looking for a nanny that you can trust, paying a fine or communicating with the authorities can give you a headache. To make your life easier we will help you with other services and chores, totally made to measure to your needs and desires!


Examples of services

No chore is too big or small for us! We set out below some examples of the types of services that we offer. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

Interpretation and translation

To complete a real estate transaction or an extension, you must be in contact with the pertinent authorities. The same occurs when you request a Spanish identification document or when you simply want to register your children into school. We can help you to translate/interpret and to fill in the required documents.

Child minding services

We will be delighted to help you to find au-pairs with the appropriate knowledge and who would adapt to your requirements. This maybe for a few hours weekly, or to find a fully time nanny; we can help you with all the guarantees.


You may have a late arrival from the airport. Whenever this happens, we can do your shopping for you and have it ready on your arrival. Send us the shopping list and we will deliver it to your door!

Prices for other services

The prices of other services vary depending on their size and type. Please contact us to further discuss your needs!