Looking after
your property

Look after my property

The services that CJ Real Estate & Services offers are comprehensive solutions for you and your property in sunny Spain. As well as helping with the negotiation of your real estate, we are also at hand to offer further property related services. Examples of these are gardening and pool maintenance, cleaning and key holder services and refurbishments. Something that has converted into a favourite amongst our clients is the “Look after my property” service; a source of assurance for those who wish to have a well-cared for house or apartment whilst they are away.

Get help whenever needed

As a property owner, we are sure you want to feel at ease when you are not at home. We all know the headache it can cause when we return after being away and find that the grass is unkempt or the musty smell coming from the bathroom. Luckily, CJ Real Estate & Services will help you with all of these issues whilst you are away from home, whether it be for a weekend, a journey abroad over several weeks or for the whole of winter. Thanks to our ample network of contacts in areas where British people live, we can offer assistance with it all, even looking after pets, airing the property, mowing the lawn and cleaning. In the following sections, you will find a more detailed list of the types of services that are included in our Look after my home service.

Examples of services

If you are going to enjoy long vacations away, a weekend escapade or go away for the whole of winter, we can offer you the services necessary to make your life easier. There are daily chores that we carry out in our houses or apartments that we don’t even stop to think about. When you have to leave your property for a long or short period or perhaps for another reason you are unable to dedicate time to care for your home, we can assist you so that on your return the house would be as clean and immaculate as when you left. Examples of the types of services that we offer in this category are: opening of windows to air the house, care of family pets, maintenance of the bathrooms and drain pipes (for example flushing the toilets), mowing the lawn, weeding and various types of cleaning. Our members count on a team that care for your property in the best possible manner. This means that you will not have to spend a single minute on doing anything. Easy and simple, as it should be! The prices applied to services related to Look after my home vary depending on the extent of the service required. Do not hesitate to contact us so we can find a made to measure solution adapted to both you and your property’s needs, as well a cost estimate!