Key holding

Key holding service

It is very important to us at CJ Real Estate & Services to offer a complete service package. As well as assisting with property transactions we offer a wide range of services that can help the owner. Our key holding service is popular amongst those clients who spend as much time in Spain as in their own countries. If they happen to find that they have accidentally left their house keys when they arrive in sunny Spain, we are here to help!

How does it work?

The key holding service that CJ Real Estate & Services offers consists in the custody and handing over of keys, a service that would be of great benefit in the event that you may have accidentally forgotten or lost your keys. It is very simple; we keep a set of your keys in our office so that you may collect them in case you have left them in your native country, or lost them or find yourself in similar situations. The price of this service is 60€ per year, VAT not included.

Benefits of the key holding service

In our daily lives, it is easy to forget things, big as well as small. We probably all know that feeling of arriving at the airport and asking ourselves “Do I have everything?”, “Have I forgotten anything?” and after carefully thinking about it we conclude that “yes, I have everything”. With luck, your intuition is correct and your stay in beautiful Spain is stress and worry free. With less luck, however, you could have lost your keys. This, for many, as well as for us, is horrifying. You could have also taken your keys but lost them during your stay. This is where our key service becomes very practical. Paying a small amount per year, you would never have to worry about your house keys again. In the event that you do not have the keys to your property, you would only have to visit our main office, prove your name and address and you can easily collect a set of your keys.

Price of the key holding service

The cost of the key holding service is fixed at 60€ + VAT per year. If you wish us to hold various sets of keys, we can apply discounts. The key holding service is free if you contract our cleaning service. Don’t hesitate to contact us to obtain further information on our key holding service!