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CJ Real Estate & Services understands the importance of having an organised and tidy house, therefore we offer a variety of services of this type, such as pool maintenance, gardening, refurbishments and cleaning services, to name a few. We know that a clean home is a happy home and in this section, we have gathered useful information about our cleaning service. Do not hesitate to contact us to explain your needs and request a price.

How does it work?

During our first meeting, we make a quick evaluation of your home and its cleaning necessities in order to assess the amount of time we need to invest in its cleaning. It is also a good opportunity to adapt a cleaning routine that will suit your needs. We will ask you questions such as how often will you require help? and what type of cleaning will you require? We want to know if you would require a complete final clean or just weekly cleans; just let us know your needs. Generally, we will visit your property to check its size and other practical aspects. A consultation by telephone can also be done if you would prefer. Once we have the information required to understand how to personalise your service, we will take over the cleaning. This way you would not have to worry about fitting in your valuable time with those of the contracted cleaning service. You will be able to enjoy other activities during the time it takes for our team to clean your home and enjoy returning to clean home when they finish.


Thanks to our ample network, we can offer an extensive range of care of business units. Cleaning of houses, offices, maintenance, removals, exhibitions, building works, window cleaning … are some examples of the services we offer. The great advantage for our clients is its simplicity. Instead of wasting your precious time looking for a company that can satisfy your needs, we will directly assign the appropriate company to you! Furthermore, we will take care of the communication, which means there is no need to worry about possible misunderstandings.


Cleaning guarantee

CJ Real Estate & Services gives a cleaning guarantee. This means that in the unlikely situation that you may not be happy with the cleaning received we will correct the work; and of course, at no additional cost. This type of guarantee is especially useful for those clients who want a final clean, in the event that the new owner/tenant of the property is unsatisfied with the result. We are very proud of offering the cleaning guarantee as a security for our clients.